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    jin (Dienstag, 29 September 2020 11:33)

    BTS were by no means destined for such heights, having debuted in 2013 with a tiny company in an industry ruled by three giant record labels. Since at least 2017, critics have been trying to formulate a unified theory to explain BTS’s success in the mainstream U.S. music scene in particular, eclipsing other K-pop crossovers. Writers invariably point to the group’s early adoption and savvy use of social media to connect with fans, who have in turn helped BTS smash record after record. Critics also mention BTS’s socially conscious lyrics, their openness about taboos such as mental health, their empathy for the struggles of younger generations, and their emphatic message of self-love.

    Complicating their rise to popularity, of course, are the politics of any non-American group dominating the U.S. charts. The South Korean music critic Kim Youngdae told me that when he attended BTS’s first American performance in 2014 in Los Angeles, a crowd of a couple of hundred people seemed huge to him. In 2017, he attended the Billboard Music Awards, where BTS shocked viewers by winning the Top Social Artist Award and breaking Justin Bieber’s six-year streak. After the ceremony, bewildered American journalists in the audience asked Kim to explain who these guys were. Predictably, the win also led to racist backlash online from people scoffing at the “Asian One Direction.”

    Such reactions stem from a cultural tendency to see Asian musical performers—and non-English-speaking artists in general—as inferior, said Kim, who recently published a

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    Suga (Dienstag, 29 September 2020 11:33)

    Before that night, I wasn’t a fan of BTS. After seeing them perform “Boy With Luv” and their 2018 banger “Mic Drop,” I decided to at least learn their names. One week later, I could tell you that BTS’s leader is 24-year-old RM, who taught himself to speak English by watching Friends. Then there are Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin (the pink-haired one from SNL), V, and Jungkook, all of whom do some mix of singing, dancing, rapping, producing, and songwriting. After learning their stage names, I absorbed their real names, birthdays, and personality quirks, as well as their musical strengths and weaknesses. Because the group’s lyrics are mostly in Korean, I picked up some Hangul and can now sing along, albeit imperfectly, to much of their discography. I binged their weekly variety show and random live-streams. I bought merch. I became close friends with strangers over BTS. I traveled to another state to watch them perform in a stadium with 55,000 people.

    Read: The friends who listen to BTS together stay together

    To confess the details of my obsession is cathartic and, given the stigma around fangirling, a little embarrassing. Yet my whirlwind evolution from a nonbeliever to an “ARMY”—as the septet’s diverse and devoted fans are known—isn’t a rare one. After exploding in global popularity in 2017, the Korean idol group (also known as the Bangtan Boys) reached an even greater level of superstardom this year. In 2018, they embarked on a world tour and appeared on a slew of major U.S. talk and awards shows. Their latest record, Map of the Soul: Persona, made them the first group to have three No. 1 albums in a single year since the Beatles. So it was fitting that when BTS appeared on The Late Show in May, they did so on the same stage where the Beatles made their American TV debut, a parallel that the episode embraced. You don’t need to like BTS to appreciate the significance of seven young Asian men, who sing mostly in Korean, being compared to the most famous boy band of all time on U.S. television.

    All of which is to say that I’m not the only person who was captivated overnight by BTS; plenty of other recent converts have taken to social media to recount their own rapid transformation from novice to stan. For me, the journey into BTS’s genre-bending oeuvre and their community of fans has produced a joy and intensity I never thought I’d experience as an adult listener. At times, I felt like I was violating some sort of social boundary. I’ve learned, though, that being a fan of BTS means becoming intimately familiar with the many prejudices and hierarchies of taste that casually belittle the thing you love—and then deciding that none of it has any real power over you.

    In the beginning, I treated BTS like a puzzle to be solved. I pored over YouTube comments for phrases and terms I didn’t understand. Why are people saying “I purple you”? What does it mean to have a “bias” or to be “OT7”? Why is Jungkook called the “golden maknae”? I watched not only music videos and performances, but also meme compilations, dance practices, interviews, and explanations of the complicated fictional universe running through BTS’s work. I tried to approach the group with a distance that came naturally to me as a journalist but that was also probably informed by an inchoate desire to not become a boy-band fan.

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    V (Dienstag, 29 September 2020 11:32)

    was already yawning when I sat down to watch Saturday Night Live one evening this past April. The host that night was Emma Stone, and the musical guest was BTS. I knew little about the seven-member South Korean supergroup—even though they had millions of fans worldwide, released multiple Billboard 200 chart-toppers, and recently delivered a speech at the United Nations. On Twitter, I saw plenty of enthusiasm, but also mockery directed at BTS and their followers. While I knew they would be the first K-pop act to perform on SNL, I had never listened to a BTS song before Stone introduced the first musical break.

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    The oh whoa ooh whoa backing vocals floated in, and a teasing bass line began as the lights went up to reveal seven figures—their backs to the camera—in dark suits and an array of hair colors. They swayed from side to side and spun around. Then the one with the pink hair started singing.

    If you want, you can watch the video of BTS performing their breezy pop confection “Boy With Luv” on YouTube, where it has 21 million views, making it by far the most popular musical appearance SNL has uploaded to date. You might love it; it might not be your thing. Or it might not be your thing but something about BTS intrigues you anyway, like their synchronicity, their good looks, or the fact that they dance hard while singing and rapping live. Or how when the song ends, the guys stretch their hands toward the crowd, beaming and bowing as cheers drown out their thank-yous.

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    AMY HE

    I Ran a Backstreet Boys Website for Superfans

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    SEOK (Dienstag, 29 September 2020 11:31)

    The group's last album, "Map of the Soul: 7," came out Feb. 21 to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. "BE" follows BTS's most recent single, "Dynamite," BTS' first song performed completely in English.

    RM told USA TODAY last month via an interpreter that creating the song while working on the album was "like destiny."

    "Who would ever think of this pandemic?" he added. "No meeting, no karaoke, no concerts? Even no walking in the park. So we never expected this song would come fully in English. During the process of making our album … it just came to us."

    'Exactly what we needed':BTS delights fans with 'Dynamite' Tiny Desk performance

    The album news comes a day before BTS begins a five-day residency on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," during which the group plans to perform a new song each episode.

    "All next week, we have the biggest band in the world on this show: BTS," Fallon said in a video announcement last week. "We're going to be talking to them, we've got some fun games planned."

    Fallon also teased a possible performance of "Dynamite" featuring himself and The Roots: "Let's just say it's going to be big. It's going to be explosive. It's going to be like TNT. It's going to be – I can't think of any other words," he joked.

    Contributing: Rasha Ali

    'Dynamite':BTS earns first No. 1 debut on Billboard's Hot 100 chart

    BTS interview:K-pop stars tackle 'interesting kind of challenge' with first all-English song 'Dynamite'

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    JIN (Dienstag, 29 September 2020 11:30)

    2020 is looking up for BTS fans: The Korean pop juggernaut is set to release its second studio album of the year.

    "BE," is scheduled for release Nov. 20 just after midnight ET, Big Hit Entertainment announced Sunday via Twitter. Pre-orders begin Sunday night in the U.S. USA TODAY has reached out to representatives for BTS for more information.

    BTS, comprised of members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, launched in 2013 with the song “No More Dream” from debut album "2 Cool 4 Skool" and were the first K-pop group to debut at No. 1 on Billboard's album chart in 2018. BTS' 2019 album "Map of the Soul: Persona" topped the Nielsen charts in physical sales for the year and the group performed at the 2020 Grammys with Lil Nas X. In seven years together, BTS has put out more than a dozen albums and EPs.

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    Ryu (Dienstag, 29 September 2020 11:07)

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    Willie (Donnerstag, 24 September 2020 09:24)

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    Fakon (Donnerstag, 24 September 2020 09:22)

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    Melven (Donnerstag, 24 September 2020 09:21)

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    Jessa (Donnerstag, 24 September 2020 09:20)

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    Christoph Srienz (Dienstag, 14 August 2018 04:34)

    Hallo Martin und Evi,ich hoffe es geht euch gut! Ich bin mittlerweile in Mexico...leider ist mir die Kupplung kaputtgegangen,warte auf Ersatzteil aus Europa. Ich wünsche euch eine schöne Zeit! LG christoph.srienz@gmx.at

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    Martin und Monika (Freitag, 15 Juni 2018 03:49)

    Hallo Martin und Evi,
    schöne Bilder!!!
    Haben uns aus den Augen verloren - keiner mehr, der uns das Wildlife zeigt. Sind heute (14.6.) in Fairbanks angekommen. Weiter nach Denali - Anchorage.
    Wünschen weiterhin spannende und schöne Reise und alles Gute!

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    Rainer Luderer (Mittwoch, 24 Mai 2017 12:52)

    Wow, die Bilder wurden mit der Powershot G7 MII gemacht und

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    Kusy (Dienstag, 23 Mai 2017 20:16)

    Hallo Chef

    Wunderbare Fotos aus Australien. Da kommt man ins träumen.....

  • #13

    Peter (Sonntag, 18 Oktober 2015 11:48)

    Eure Reisereports black on black ist wirklich raffiniert. war schön euch zu treffen.

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    Jan & Marita (Samstag, 10 Oktober 2015 19:45)

    Dier hand ja a ganz a scheans Auto!!!

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    Michel Kilchherr (Samstag, 09 Mai 2015 18:00)

    Hallo Martin

    Wunderbare Bilder von Orten an denen ich selber schon war, da kommt Reiselust auf.

  • #10

    kusy (Samstag, 07 März 2015 14:31)

    Sali Martin,

    sieht gut aus, die neue Seite. :-)

    Gruess Kusy

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    Reto (Mittwoch, 17 August 2011 21:34)

    Wann folgen die Australien und Schweizbilder?

  • #8

    Philipp (Dienstag, 16 August 2011 13:02)

    fantastisch, da wird man mitgerissen. Ich bin schon am träumen, Danke

  • #7

    - Höfi - (Mittwoch, 27 Juli 2011 07:42)

    Heya ... wahnsinns Fotos ... geniesst Eure restlichen Ferien :) ...

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    mirco & res (Mittwoch, 20 Juli 2011 17:21)

    hah - jetzt haben wir den trick razs .- schwarze schrift auf schwarzem hintergund... klever! ;-)

  • #5

    mirco (Mittwoch, 20 Juli 2011 17:20)

    hoi martin & evi - ,schöne fotos habt ihr da mit eurer nikon gemachT

  • #4

    Mirco (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011 23:12)

    hallo evi, hallo martin - weiter so! i bin grad widr in da schtaata! freu mi uf euri bilder. gruass us dr schtürmischa schwiiz, mirco

  • #3

    mircop (Sonntag, 10 Juli 2011 20:42)

    hallo reisende - wo sind dia fotis?

  • #2

    evi (Mittwoch, 06 Juli 2011 21:01)

    Und wer schreibt den text? Hoffe aber schon, nicht die ferien am compi zu verbringen.

  • #1

    mirco (Mittwoch, 06 Juli 2011 18:46)

    do bi i abr gschpannt!
    gruass, mirco